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    Essential Features

    • Custom branded public pages
    • Import existing patients & inventory
    • Integrates with your POS hardware
    • Custom labels and barcodes
    • Leafly integration
    • Twitter integration
    • iPhone, iPad & Andriod friendly
    • Real-time inventory tracking
    • Manage multiple locations
    • Accept inventory on consignment
    • Generate invoices for vendor purchases
    • Place online orders with vendors
    • Download and generate sales reports
    • Manage employees and track hours
    • Allow patients to check themselves in
    • Online ordering for patients
    • Low inventory alerts
    • Email and text message patients
    • Manage patient data and documents
    • Notifications for medical expirations
    • Patient visit tracking & reward program

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  • An easy-to-use point of sales system for your budtenders.

    Point of Sales

    Assisting your patients has never been easier. We have hardware than can be easily integrated, support for discounting, and even a rewards program for your most frequent customers.

    mmjmenu is the most sophisticated and easiest to use POS system in the MMJ industry. We don't just track dollars and cents, we track every gram of medicine at your MMC. And with pre-set discounts, a frequent visit program and integrated hardware, helping your patients has never been easier.

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  • Detailed information about every item in your inventory.

    Inventory Management

    Track every gram of medicine. Accounting for every gram of medicine in your facility is very important. mmjmenu makes managing and tracking your inventory very easy. You can even setup bulk inventory items, track lifetime inventory activities, create inventory barcodes, sell wholesale and track inventory consignments in real time.

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  • All the information about your patients, organized in one place.

    Patient Management

    It's all about the patients. Patients are the most important part of your business, and mmjmenu makes it easy to help your patients. You can scan and save all your patient's medical documents, send text messages and emails to your patients, let patients view your menu and place online orders.

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